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Who Do We Think We Are...?

DEEPLY PURPLE are the UK's premier Deep Purple tribute band, faithfully recreating the amazing, guitar kerranging, organ rocking, virtuoso live performances that in the early 70's made Deep Purple the most exciting live band on the planet!

Every facet of Deep Purple's music is faithfully reproduced and there's more - our mission is to go beyond the straight reproduction of the songs and tap into the energy and improvisation that made each Deep Purple live performance unique. It doesn't get any better than this!

As far as we're concerned, the golden age of Deep Purple was 1970 to 1975* so at our shows you'll be treated to all the mark II and III classics, all the cool moments from the Made in Japan and Live in London Albums.

* But every rule has it's exceptions, so more often than not we'll play Perfect Strangers, Hush and a smattering of Wring That Neck. Are we good to you or what?


Meet the band


Duncan Gibbs


Duncan learnt classical piano until the age of 21, which has been invaluable for working out technical bits, but then had to teach himself how to play without music. Early on, he picked up his first organ licks listening to Jon Lord, Made In Japan being a popular album at teenage parties at the time and for his piano style he listened to Memphis Slim and Otis Spann.  He then played in a pub blues band called London Slim for 20 years where he learnt how to cope with a singer who would sometimes lapse into an eleven and a half bar blues.  He also learnt that a solo comprising of two or three notes can be as effective as one of fifty.

Duncan lives in Northolt, West London, which is where he met heavy metal band Orange Goblin.  They asked him to play on their first two albums, which he found to be quite a thrill.

At the other extreme he has played folk music in various forms with Sarah Jones and at one time regularly played a traditional instrument, the Appalachian Dulcimer although sometimes it was put through a fuzz box!  Sarah Jones is a good friend and an excellent acoustic guitarist who writes amazing songs.  Duncan says that the highlight of his folk career has to be playing support for Robert Plant followed by Steeleye Span at Bridgnorth Folk Festival in 1999.

Trying to get the right sounds without actually using a Hammond or Fender Rhodes has always been a struggle, starting with a Crumar Organizer and Hohner Pianet in the 70’s (for those who don’t know, a Hammond B3 is a four man lift and a Fender Rhodes piano a two man lift.  Together with a Lesley cab you need a van with a tail lift!).  He currently plays a Clavia Nord C1 for the B3 stuff and an Akai sampler for everything else.


Pete O'Connell



Pete is very happy to earn a living teaching drums as well as playing for the majestic Deeply Purple.

His numerous previous bands include Aeon Years, Icemon, Armistice, Legacy, Old no 7, Endless Party, Southerner, Rough Justice, Sweet Justice, Slack Sabbath and the band where Steve spotted him, Blackest Purple.

He also deps and does sessions for Martin Jeremiah, the Slapheads and the soon to be famous Almaboobies. He's been running everyday since December 20th 2006 (missed that day as he and Steve were cast as glam rockers filming the Grab Your Garmin Superbowl ad for Garmin SatNav systems! Check it out here...)

Pete lives with the lovely Val and is proud father to Jake and Ethan. Enjoy the show - Death to fake music!

P.S. Pete's Drum Tuition dvd TWENTY YEARS IN PARADISE is now available - a snip at £13! Click here for a videoclip. Contact Pete at purpledrummer@sky.com


Steve Brown

Quite simply, Deep Purple In Rock was the first album to make the hairs stand up on the back of my neck and it was Ritchie Blackmore's playing that inspired me to play guitar. Ritchie's style has always permeated just about every music project I’ve ever done, so I guess it was inevitable that one day I’d form a Deep Purple Tribute, I love that music soooo much..

Yep, Purple affected me in a way that no other band has before or since – five musicians all at the top of their game playing as if their lives depended on it, able to go from subtle to mind mangling in an instant as if they were telepathically linked (often during the same song). And the improvisation... few bands have ever improvised around a song as well as Purple, it was an integral part of their music, as it is of mine. (Check out the Made In Japan album, some of the greatest rock improvisation ever recorded)

What guitarists have influenced me over the years? Mostly Strat players, largely from the early 70’s. For tone, feel and the afore mentioned raising of the neck hairs, nothing will ever beat a Fender Stratocaster in the hands of a master. so... in almost no particular order: Ritchie Blackmore, Robin Trower, Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Tony McPhee (Groundhogs), Gary Moore (Colosseum II era), Dave Gilmour, Brian May, Allan Holdsworth (Bruford era), Adrian Belew, Eric Johnson, Ry Cooder, Larry Carlton, Percy Jones (yes I know he's a Bass Player!), and the much maligned swedish pork ball Yngwie Malmsteen.

Musical influences and tastes? Kinda weird for a rock guitarist but hey ho... Apart from the bands featuring the guitarists mentioned above: Glenn Miller, Brand X, Cocteau twins, Harold Budd, Mozart, David Sylvian, Lisa Gerrard/Dead Can Dance, Loreena McKennitt, Louis Jordan, Leon Redbone and many many more.

Yes, I did scallop my guitar neck myself many years ago with chisels and sandpaper wrapped around a bottleneck (just like Ritchie). Like marmite, you either love it or hate it. It works for me but be warned, it doesn't help you play faster and you have to keep your wits about you playing chords but boy you can really dig in for bends and vibrato...

And finally yes, I'm afraid it's true: guitarists that play with locking trems and humbuckers are pussies. ;)


Andy Morley



Andy joined his first band at the tender age of 15....... as a guitarist! Unfortunately it took a couple of years before the stark realisation that his axework left a lot to be desired but he had a half decent larynx!

He joined Deeply at the inception in2003 and having previously toured all over the UK with bands such as Traitor, Ram, Nemesis and The Legendary Fender Band to name a few he also appeared on stage in such faraway countries as Thailand and New Zealand. Now, thanks to DP’s 2009 shows, he can add Russia to his CV.

After writing or co-writing songs for most of his career Andy freely admits that being part of a tribute band is less stressful – he says “The lyrics and melody lines are already there – all I gotta do now is remember them!!”


Pete Hartley




What is our Bass dudes story? You'll know as soon as we do :)