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Dear Purple People,
Great show last night! I knew it wouldn’t be easy to come even close to emulating such a great rock band, a collective of absolute virtuoso performers...but I have to say, you nailed it!
Good choices for the setlist...particularly enjoyed ‘Burn’, and my mate got his favourite, ‘Highway Star’. You would need a much longer show to play everybody’s favourites, I guess! If I’m allowed a suggestion, I really like ‘Fireball’.
Thanks for playing; keep up the good work, and I’m certain I’ll see you again.
Brian Henstock

Jenni Hamilton - Saw you at Woughton Centre last night .... as a massive DP fan , I was ready to be unimpressed , but you were awesome !!! Was like watching the real Ritchie playing ... fabulous night and I hope you come back this way again !! x

Jan Shirley - Me n my fella were at Woughton last night guys ROCK!!!! Come back soon x

Steve Barr - WE wus at woughton on Friday the 9th, it was awesome, keep on rockin.


Ben Williams - Hello! Saw you for the first time on Saturday despite having a number of previous gigs in the diary but never making it. Absolutely brilliant! Steve is insanely true to Richie's sound - down to the last pick-scrape or guitar lead string-whip! Mick's bass was tremendous - the riffage on Bloodsucker (now reconfirmed as m...

eek - technical malfunction!


Tropic at Ruislip

Thanks for another fantastic Friday night, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get Deeply Purple back ASAP, as the seven friends I was due to bring along all had other commitments (holidays etc), and it wasn't until 7pm last night that I managed to find two other friends to come along - these were non-rock fans who weren't sure about coming along but were both blown away by the brilliance of Deeply Purple and who can't wait to see them again (another 2 converted!). Thanks again for a fantastic night, what a great way to start the Bank Holiday weekend! Those beautiful babes The Almaboobies were also brilliant, a great warm-up for Deeply Purple (Are you sure that wasn't Ritchie Blackmore playing guitar last night?!)


Deeply Purple were absolutely brilliant. The best "Purple" band I've ever seen. Top show with great support from rock chicks Almaboobies. Good time had by all!



What a great gig !

It was so good to see & hear you all again.

Thought the 'In Rock' mudley (according to Andy) was sublime - tracks I hadn't heard for years, skipping as you do on the record to the better known ones! - on the record that shows you how long it's been! - was an electric player and not wind up, though.

Thanked the sound engineer for making the gig, sooooo good, you sounded to us, the best you've sounded yet & that's at least 22 gigs!

Good luck to you all for the rest of your gigs, you've got some really good ones coming up too, sorry not to be there.

With our best wishes & Kind Regards
& A Whole Lotta Love (apologies to L.Z.)

Geoff & Sheila



Hi Deeply Purple,

Excellant show last night ! I thought the sound clarity was the best I have heard from you guys. And really loved the In Rock album played as one. There are so many fantastic songs on it, yet hardly heard today. A few years back DP played the Asoria and surprisingly included Living Wreck in their set that night. That song was just so heavy it was unreal ! And that version of You fool no one was great just like the Californian version, and as long !

Hope that next time we see you (Ruislip?) that Andy's leg is better.We need him leaping about - but not off roofs :)

Pete H


Martin Furby - Saw you guys in the Horns on thursday, fantastic show by ears are still ringing, you must come back, had a txt from a mate to say purple are playing the appolo in november, after seeing your show, i dont think ill bother


Kaliningrad, Russia

Thank You for an excellent concert. It was great. Our meeting was nice and unforgotten. We are waiting for you in Kaliningrad again. Good luck.


Kaliningrad, Russia

Hey guys!

This is Evgeny Statnov writing from kaliningrad city.

Thank you so much for coming to our city with your emazing performance!

I hope you liked how russian fans trited you =) after the show.

We all liked your show!

I guess you might come back and play again some day!

I promise, there will be more people next time.

Today is a saturday and I found your poster on a bus stop and tried to take it off the glass wall, and while I was doing that, some drunk street bum was behind me and he sprad his freaking hand and wripped the poster off the wall and broke the paper, he thought that I was trying to get reed of the postr so he thought he kind a helped me. That pissed me off so much so I wanter to kick his trunk ass.

But he was lucky couse there was another poster on the other wall, so I took that one with me.

So that poster will always remind me of your wonderfull consert in our city.

and dont forget what those drunk russian NAVY officers told you - that russian NAVY respekts your band! and other guys said that they saw real concerts of real Deep Purple many years ago, and they can tell for sure that Jan Gillan could not sing that good as you did sing some of his songs!

Hey drummer! Thank you for your drum stick that you gave me!

This is my first drum stick!!! Thanks MAN!

by the way I am a former franch horn player.

well have a wonderful day!

and dont forget that Kaliningrad people LOVE you guys!!!

all the very best

Evgeny Statnov



Standard Music Venue, Walthamstow

Hi guys, here's a review of tonight's gig. Use any good bits you like on your site.

Kicking off with Burn and wrapping up proceedings with Speed King, Deeply Purple provided an excellent evening of quality entertainment. Every single song in the two hour set rocked. Not a single disappointing note.

The Standard wasn't exactly at full capacity, but what the crowd lacked in numbers, we certainly made up for in enthusiasm and noise, particularly the lone mad woman at the front - that would be me!

Song after song had me clapping, whooping and whistling as they were all top drawer stuff. Highway Star, Black Night, Space Truckin', Lazy, You Fool No One,  and so the list goes on.

Lead guitar was magnificent, if I didn't know any better I could have sworn that was Ritchie Blackmore up on stage picking out note after note of pure guitar genius, a truly class performance from Steve.
Pete on drums was awesome and had me tapping my leg in time for the entire duration. Mick layed down some inspired bass rhythms. As for Duncan, it may not be a Hammond, but DP wouldn't be DP without those stonking sounds that he teased out of the organ.
Best performer on the stage for me was Andy, what an outstanding entertainer! I loved every single moment. If I had the proper number of female chromosones, I would have cried after Mistreated, I was mesmerised for the entire song and the break into Soldier of Fortune almost tipped me over the edge. The fact that I said that Coverdale doesn't have a patch on Andy, speaks volumes as I'm a huge Coverdale fan. As for Child in Time, that almost brought me to my knees, Gillan himself would have been impressed with how you hit those high notes, (I was willing you on each time) and every wail was pitch perfect. Awesome!!!
Makes it so difficult to choose between DP MkII and MkIII as you managed to recreate both brilliantly and add in your own touches.

My ears are ringing, I've lost my voice and I know my neck is going to ache tomorrow, so I know I've had one hell of a good night, it was pure purple heaven. Thank you guys, you were fantastic. Can't wait to see you again in the autumn. 

I'll stop gushing now, but this is the first time I've sent anyone a review so you must have been good.

Take care, watch out for those pesky ruskies and keep on rocking!!!





Just a quick one. Saw you at Sutton ( Boom Boom Club ) on Saturday. I have seen Deep Purple a few times, last a Monsters of Rock a couple of years back.

To be quite honest I found your show far more fun than the real thing.

Keep up the good work


Andy Hagerty


Enjoyed Friday at the Boom Boom, great gig. Havn't seen you since you
last played at the Cartoon, where you deserved a bigger crowd. Glad you got it this time, good luck and good rocking.



Hey Guys thanks for last night at Lyme . Hey you brought back some fond memories 
 Hahahaha I have been listening to THAT band all day

Take care look forward to seeing you all again some time



Hi guys you were awesome ,I really enjoyed your performance tonight, I'm 39 years old not really been much into deep purple ,but do like the old heavy metal rock bands  but after tonight things will change great night cheers hope to see ya again



Will you ever play 'Place In Line'?


*Unlikely - DP


just wanted to say how much me & my freinds enjoyed the gig in frome last night , amazing night we'll be seeing you again

Colin Coombes


Hi Purple Peeps

Are you ever going to do the Harlequin in Redhill Surrey?

Or the Prince of Wales Reigate?

Got to see you again as Purple are me best.

Steve Clegg

*We'll look into those venues - DP